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We do two things VERY well
Web App Development & Lead Generation/Processing

In the last 5 years, we have built platforms that have generated and handled over 15,000,000 leads.

Lead Processing

Leads are the lifeblood of new business. Why entrust their handling to simple Wordpress email forms, when you can automate all types of processes from lead scoring, to data scrubing, qualification, and migration to/from CMS, as well as campaign setups across a multitude of channels including email drip, sms, telephony and social web.

Mobile First

Most of our web applications are developed with a mobile-first mindset. A growing percentage of search and display are coming in from mobile, and many managers want to be able to access simple dashboard/reports/levers from the road. So we try in all cases to build landers, admin areas, and dashboard with some form of mobile ready templating system.


We attempt, in all cases, to document our code and apps as best we can implementing code logic as well as your business domain logic.

If you are even remotely considering building a new website that depends on lead handling via webform, telephony or automation, contact us.

We build apps that work and that deliver. 100% of the time.

Lead Generation Display And Mobile

We have built call-routing platforms on Twilio, Tropo, Nexmo and Plivo. We can integrate these systems with custom lead management applications, CRMS like salesforce or Zoho, campaign systems like Mailchimp/Awebber/Campaign Monitor and custom web form landers (even automatically generated ones!)

We Document

We document the hell out of most everything when it's feasible.

We Speak Business.

Communicate your business goals to us and we can translate that to business domain logic and ultimately to code.

We are Local

Our team is entierly US based. When it's appropriate we can outsource simple labor projects (data entry), but only with your blessing.

We use Trusted Code

We are a firm believer in open-source code when possible. It saves money, time, and sanity.

We Have Experience

We like to think we are at the forefront of developers in the United States for lead handling/processing.

We Can Experiment

When appropriate we engage in more experimental lead processing methods (voice recognition, tagging, and re-targeting via Amazon Lex/Poly for example).

A few points...

We handle display, web form fills and live phone calls. A LOT of them.


Phone Calls





Our Application Development Philosophy

All dev teams have philosophies and these are ours.


We utilize PHP for "most" server apps, and then Node if/when it's appropriate (high speed simple transaction volume tasks). Sure, Ruby and Python are great. We just don't use them.


10 years ago, we started with the earliest versions of Codeigniter, moved to Cake, then Symfony and over the last 3-4 years (since 4.x) have settled on Laravel. Between the community, documentation, and availability of devs, it's proven to be an excellent decision.


Most of our cloud work uses Amazon. Google is good too, but we prefer Amazon due to our experience with it. Specifically EC2/RDS/SQS and Cache/OLAP(Redshift).

Services Over "Rolling"

We cringe when we hear "code warriors" talking about "rolling their own" -- Need mail? use Mailgun. Need Sockets? Start with Pusher. Need Telephony? See Nexmo/Twilio. Of course there are exceptions, but we ALWAYS attempt to leverage services.

Balancing Best Practices

In the ideal world, read-replicas, hourly backups, Redis/Memcache, <20ms response times, fully relational data, and unit-tests would be part of every project. In the real-world, sometimes that's just not realistic at all. So we balance budget, reality, and needs to achieve a best-case solution for each app.


We write tests when it's mutually agreed upon. A quick 3-day lander? No. A high-speed call router. Yes.

The Baseline and MTOW Team

Formerly Made To Order Websites, the Baseline team now has 4 local memebrs and a dozen contract-remote devs (all domestic).

Scott Mason Co-Founder and JS Chief

All things JS, DB, and infrastructure. Also, his name is on the lease and he signs the checks.

Julie Sparks Books/Reports Chief

Internal Billing, Report Design, Business Logic Extraction. Ironically has a fear of paper cuts.

Scott Laurent PHP Chief

PHP/Laravel and Leads/Telecom Guru. Also has a law degree and accounting background. Kind of geeky.

Shane Messer Co-Founder

He left to wander the world. Checks in every so often with cool stories. Also a law degree. Also Geeky.

Why Us?

It's simple. We strive daily to put out the highest quality mid-sized lead generating/processing web applications in the world.

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